Disney Princess, Addict and Collector

Hello everyone, I am Ella, welcome to my blog. In my everyday, I am a Swiss lady in her 30s, sometimes a princess, living in the capitol of Switzerland with my cat and boyfriend.

I blog mainly about my Secret Honey dresses, sometimes about other Disney items or make up. I want to share my love for these dresses and maybe help you getting your own. 

I am a collector of Secret Honey Dresses since my first travel to Japan in 2014 where I discovered their Disney collection. It was difficult in the beginning to get my hands on the dresses, but now there are several ways you can buy them, I have listed them all here for you.

You can also visit my little shop were I sell some of the dresses in my collection. 

You want some Dresses too?

My number one goal on this blog is to show you the beauty of each dress I own and to help you to start your very own collection of Secret Honey dresses. Here are some links that might help you get started:

All my Posts


I upload a detailed blogpost about one of my dresses every two weeks, including detailed photos and descriptions. 

How to buy Secret Honey


In this blogpost I talk about the brand, the sizing and every way of getting my dresses I tried out.

My Shop

Cinderella Dress Front Detail

On my shop, I sell pieces from my own collection. The dresses are all in very good condition and kept away from my cat’s paws.