Secret Honey Snow White Winter Coat

Hello everyone, welcome back to another post. Today I would like to show you my Snow White winter set from Secret Honey. This is post 2 of 2 covering the Snow White winter coat. In my last post I covered the top and dress matching this coat. This coat is so beautiful. I love that the lace collar is detachable to make it more wearable and I absolutely adore the embroidery on the front panels.

I showcase one of my Disney pieces every two weeks, you can check out my other posts if you like. Last time I showed you my Secret Honey Snow White Winter Set – Top and Dress.

If you would like to know more about the brand and about how you can get these dresses, I have got you covered in this post. I also sometimes sell dresses from my collection, check out my shop or my Instagram, I usually list them there.

The Snow White Winter Coat

First of all, I would like to show you the coat on my dressform. Here it is from the front:

Secret Honey Snow White Winter Coat Front


I love the red velvet details at the cuffs and around the neckline. The cuffs can be rolled up but since the sleeves of Secret Honey coats are too short for me, I will always wear them rolled down. Here it is from the side:

Secret Honey Snow White Winter Coat Side


As you can see, the embroidery is only on the four front panels, no embroidery in the back of the coat. Also did you notice the beautiful rich navy colour? It’s so pretty and such a nice contrast with the red velvet. Here it is from the back:

Secret Honey Snow White Winter Coat Back


As you can see, the red velvet around the collar rolls up, which is a bit unfortunate… But it is an untagged coat, so some sort of “defect” was expectable. Anyway, let’s go on with all the details:

Sizing and Closure

This coat is in my opinion a bit smaller than Secret Honey’s other coats… There is less room in the bust area, it barely fits my dressform. So definitely a size S with a smaller bust.

It closes in the front with beautiful golden press studs:

Closure Coat

The Collar

The coat has a little white lace collar like the dress and like the one of the dress, this one is detachable too:

Detail Coat Detachable Collar


I will probably always wear my coat without the lace collar since it makes it look more mature in my opinion. The collar is too cute for me. Maybe that is also a reason, I like to wear my Disney clothes toned down. But of course it’s more Snow White with the collar.

The Lining

The Lining is a beautiful and slippery polyester fabric that has the same print as the skirt of the dress. If you want to see the print in detail, here is the post. It shows Snow White, the Evil Queen and all seven dwarves.

Lining with Print Coat

The Embroidery

Then, there is the star of this coat, the beautiful embroidered motive in gold on the skirt of the coat in the front. It shows the scene where the Evil Queen gives Snow White the poisoned apple:

Embroidery Coat Snow White and the Evil Queen


This motive is embroidered four times on the front panels of the coat.

And that is already it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed having a look at the details of this Snow White winter coat from Secret Honey. Thanks a lot for reading, I wish you a good one!


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