All of Anna's Dresses – Secret Honey Costume Collection Part 2

Hello everyone 🙂 Welcome back to another post. In this post I want to show you my latest video in which I show you all of Anna’s costumes that I own. And I own every costume she wears in a movie or short film. Because I’m a crazy fan… I really like Secret Honey’s costumes eventhough they are just onesize and only fit a small size M. I wish they would cater to more sizes because theyr attention for detail is amazing. All of these costumes are of high quality. 

I have a mixture of tagged dresses, untagged ones and also remakes from the factory, I mention it with the dress. You can still find these dresses, if you wonder how to buy Secret Honey, I have the right blogpost for you. 

Some of the detail shots are a bit shaky, I apologize and hope you don’t get seasick from watching. I did the best I could quality wise but I am no pro and I don’t have that much equipment. I hope you can still enjoy the video 🙂 

And here it is, I wish you a lot of fun watching it: 


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If you want to watch part 1 of this series you can head over to this blogpost.

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