Secret Honey Anna Frozen Fever Dress

Hello everyone, welcome back to another post. Today I would like to show you my Anna Frozen Fever Dress from Secret Honey. I love the embroidery on the bodice of this dress, it is absolutely stunning!

I showcase one of my Disney pieces every two weeks, you can check out my other posts if you like. Last time I showed you my Secret Honey Pink Rapunzel Dress.

If you would like to know more about the brand and about how you can get these dresses, I have got you covered in this post. I also sometimes sell dresses from my collection, check out my shop or my Instagram, I usually list them there.

Now let’s start:

Anna Frozen Fever Dress

First, as always, let’s have a look on the dress in it’s entirety <3. From the front:

Secret Honey Anna Frozen Fever Dress Front 2
From the side:
secret Honey Anna Frozen Fever Dress Side
And from the back:
Secret Honey Anna Frozen Fever Dress BAck

The Embroidery on the Bodice

The bodice has a little cardigan built in that is embroidered. There is also a nice braid decorating the edges. I don’t know what kind of flowers these are, maybe tulips, what do you think?

Embroidery Details 2 Secret Honey Anna Frozen Fever Dress

There is also embroidery on the blue bodice itself. A stylized flower of some sort:

embroidery detail Secret Honey Anna Frozen Fever Dress

The Print

We have a cute print around the hem, showing two different Annas, stylized sunflowers and again, tulips (?):

Print Details Secret Honey Frozen Fever Anna Dress

Sizing and Closure

The dress runs a bit smaller than other Secret Honey dresses. But there is shirring in the back to adjust the size of the waist. It closes with a zipper in the back:

Detail Back Frozen Fever Anna Dress

And that is it for today’s post! All about the Anna Frozen Fever dress I can tell you 🙂

Secret Honey Anna Frozen Fever Dress Front

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, thank you so much 🙂 I wish you a good one and I’ll see you in my next post!


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