Secret Honey Anna Snow Mountain Cosplay – Disney’s Frozen

Today I would like to talk about my Secret Honey Anna Snow Mountain Cosplay, a part of Secret Honey’s Halloween Collection. I love Anna’s Snow Mountain Costume a lot, so I naturally had to have this. It is perfect, especially the embroidery is wonderful. A very high-end costume, Secret Honey did a great job.

If you like these dresses, I showcase a new one every two weeks, so if you’re interested, check them out. The last one I showed you was my Prince Hans Dress. If you’d like to know more about the brand and how I get these dresses, I have a whole post for you on how to buy Secret Honey dresses. I also have a few dresses on sale so check my Shop & Instagram, if you are interested, I list them there 🙂

Now, let’s start:

A full View of my Secret Honey Anna Snow Mountain Cosplay

The costume consists of two sets, one set was the dress and corset bodice, the other set the cape, the cap and the gloves. First, I will show you both two sets in action:

Secret Honey Anna Snow Mountain Cosplay Front

You can see, since I am quite tall, the skirt and the sleeves are a bit short on me:

Secret Honey Anna Snow Mountain Cosplay Side

And the back view:

Secret Honey Anna Snow Mountain Cosplay Back

Set 1: Dress and Bodice

Because you don’t really see the beautiful embroidery on the bodice and blouse, I show you another full view of just set 1. Set one consists of the underdress, which is the blouse and skirt part, blouse and skirt are not seperate pieces, and then a seperate bodice to wear over the underdress:

Secret Honey Anna Snow Mountain Cosplay Front 2

And a back view. As you can see, the underdress closes with a zipper in the back. There is shirring in the back. The seperate bodice is also shirred in the back and can be laced tighter with a corset detail. There is also shirring at the top to adjust the width depending on your shoulders:

Secret Honey Anna Snow Mountain Cosplay Back 2

The Blouse

Let’s start with layer one and have a look on the beautiful and detailed embroidery on the blouse:

Blouse Detail Secret Honey Anna Snow Mountain Cosplay

The blouse cuffs close with three buttons, since the sleeves are a bit short on me (I’m 1.75 m tall), the cuffs are a bit snug and I normally don’t close them.

Here is a look at the back of the dress. It closes with a zipper and there is shirring at the waist:

Dress Back with Zipper and Shirring

The Embroidered Bodice

My favourite part of this costume is the bodice with it’s beautiful embroidery.

Bodice Detail Secret Honey Anna Snow Mountain Cosplay

There is a bone in the center front to keep the fabric straight and fold free, princess seams that give some room in the bust area and shirring in the back to adjust the size to yours.

Bodice Side Detail Anna Snow Mountain Cosplay

The bodice closes with a side zipper.

The back of the bodice is also embroidered which is so cool! THere’s also shirring with a lace up detail: 

Back of the Bodice with Embroidery and Shirring

The Skirt of the Dress

The skirt of this dress has a beautiful shade of blue, I love it. The bottom of it is done with a lilac satin that shimmers nicely. There is also embroidery:

Embroidery on the Skirt

The skirt is lined with some navy fabric:

Skirt Lining

The Gloves

The gloves seem to be very small at first sight, but they are extremely stretchy and fit me well. As you can see, they are decorated with a lot of pearls and look very warm and comfy:

Detail Secret Honey Anna Snow Mountain Cosplay

Here they are on the floor: 


The Cape Details

Here you can see the details on the cape. It is decorated with lilac fur around the neckline and closes with a hook and eye, hidden by a silver clasp.

Coat Clasp

The cape is partly embroidered and partly decorated with appliqués to mimic the decoration of Anna’s mantle in the film. Pompoms decorate the cape part.

The Cap

I really like this little cap the set comes with. It is made from the same fabric as the cape. Here is a detail shot of me wearing it: 

Me wearing the hood


I really like the purple fur, it is so cute. In the back of the cap, there is a little bit of embroidery, have a look: 

Hood Embroidery Back

Secret Honey included a hairband on the inside of the cap to make it hold and sit nicely on your head. But you can also take it out or replace it, if you like: 

Hood Hairband and Lining

And that is all I have for you today. Thanks a lot for reading, I hope you had fun and I wish you a good one.


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