Secret Honey Belle Enchanted Christmas Cosplay

Hello everyone, welcome back to another post. Today I would like to show you my Belle Enchanted Christmas Cosplay from Secret Honey. This dress is incredibly detailed. There is a velvet print on the fabric, there is trim everywhere, lace, ruffles it’s just wonderful.

I showcase one of my Disney pieces every two weeks, you can check out my other posts if you like. Last time I showed you my Secret Honey Anna Snow Mountain dress.

If you would like to know more about the brand and about how you can get these dresses, I have got you covered in this post. I also sometimes sell dresses from my collection, check out my shop or my Instagram, I usually list them there.

The Belle Enchanted Christmas Cosplay

First of all, let’s have a look at the dress in it’s full glory. I am wearing this dress without a hoop skirt. From the front:

Belle Enchanted Christmas Cosplay Side Front

From the side:

Belle Enchanted Christmas Cosplay Side

And from the back:

Belle Enchanted Christmas Cosplay Back

The Bodice

The bodice is made from polyester fabrics with different textures. We have the red fabric with the velvet details and then a golden shimmering fabric for the pleated stomacher.

Detail bodice

There are so many different types of lace and trim used to decorate this bodice it’s mind-blowing. Let’s have a look at a few details:

Detail lace sleeves

Detail shoulder trim

Neckline and sleeves are decorated with fabric roses. The roses are detachable, in case you don’t like them.

We have shirring and a lace up detail in the back and there is also a lace up detail at the sleeves to make them tighter or let them out. The bodice closes with velcro on the side back.

Closure back and shirring

I have altered my dress a bit, I changed the placement of the lace up detail to make the bodice a bit bigger.

The Skirt

The skirt is made from the same polyester fabrics as the bodice.

Fabric with velvet print

It closes with a zipper in the center back and has shirring with a lace up detail on both sides to adjust the size.

Closure skirt and shirring

There are actually two tulle cushions on both sides of the skirt to give it more body and volume. Mine came a bit squished so they don’t work that well anymore but technically, you could wear this skirt without a hoop skirt.

Tulle petticoat and tulle cushion

Then we also have a lot of trim and lace used on the skirt, let me show you some details.

Detail lace skirt bottom

The Bow

The set comes with a giant golden bow to attach in the back. It is made from a beautiful golden polyester brocade.

Detail Bow in the back

The Hairpiece

The set also came with a hair piece that is really big. I have no idea how to use that in my hair to be honest, but Secret Honey did it on their promo photos, so there’s a way. It is also made from the golden polyester brocade and decorated with a fabric flower. Here it is from the front with the flower:

Hairbow front with flower

From the back. There is a comb and also elastic to secure it in your hair:

Hairbow back with comb

And that is already it. I hope, that if you celebrate, you have an amazing Christmas with your loved ones. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed having a detailed look at this Belle Enchanted Christmas Cosplay from Secret Honey. I see you in my next post.


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