“This is Halloween” – Secret Honey Nightmare Before Christmas Set

Today I would like to talk about my Secret Honey Nightmare Before Christmas Set, which consists of a vest, a skirt and a brooch and features prints of all characters. It is based in Jack’s suit but I like, that Secret Honey took their own take on it and this set is also quite a unique one.

This post is part of my ongoing series in which I post about one of the dresses in my collection every month. The last one I posted was my Jasmine Red Damask Summer Dress. These dresses are art to me, I love the quality, I love all the details and I’m overall a Disney lover, which is why this series exists :). I do wear most of my dresses, coats etc. occasionally (I’d love to on a daily, but they are special so I wear them for special occasions like going to the cinema, Halloween, Carnival etc. Not even thinking about the question of whether it would be appropriate in my day job or not ;))

Allow me to briefly talk about the brand (and yep, I’ll repeat this part as long as I have not written a post about the brand and about how to get these dresses, please excuse the repetition, I’ll try to upload the post as fast as possible, so you don’t have to skip this part all the time):

Secret Honey

Secret Honey is a Japanese brand that has an ongoing Disney Collection since 2013 I believe, they started with a Mickey/Minney Mouse Collection and then released several collections in 2014, amongst them their first Frozen collection.


The dresses are all licensed and they are (since 2017 I believe) divided into the more “casual” ones and “Halloween” Dresses (which should just be called “Cosplay” because that’s what they are and they release them all year round). They have gotten quite expensive by now, just a warning. If you are interested in how I purchase these dresses, you find some links in my Megara dress post. Now on to the dress!

Secret Honey Nightmare Before Christmas Set

As I already mentioned, this set is a special one, Secret Honey usually repeats the same patterns (there are some signature ones, as you may have noticed) and they also usually do onepieces. There are some sets, but only one other (Mickey Mouse) with a vest that I know of.

This one is an “original” from the store, so it has all the tags, Hana Castle Store picked it up for me when it launched. The dress is from the 2016 automn collection and I believe, it was priced around 160$. Here’s the front:

Whole Secret Honey Nightmare Before Christmas Set from the front

And the back of the entire set:

Back view of Secret Honey Nightmare Before Christmas Set

Now let’s have a look at some details. I’m going to do this differently this time. I’ll go through the 3 individual pieces one by one and show you some details and then in the end, I have detail shots showing all the prints around the hem.

The Vest

The vest is one size and there is no shirring. It is actually quite forgiving in size. There is a lace up detail in the back that you can use to adjust the fit to your liking. I like that corsage detail a lot, it helps not only with the fit, but also with the spooky vibes:

Secret Honey Nightmare Before Christmas Set corsage detail, back of the vest

As always, I have to mention the outstanding quality. Everything is nicely finished, no threads, no raw edges, nice materials, an eye for details like symmetry of fabric pieces and pattern matching (look how the fabric pieces are the same on both sides, the stripes are placed in the same place etc., i.e. the lacing panels). I love how much thought goes into these sets.

Button Closure Front of the vest

The vest closes with a button in the front. I’d say it fits up to a german 38, maybe even 40 (US S and M), depending on the chest area, but as I said, it’s very forgiving.

Vest and back of the brooch – Secret Honey Nightmare Before Christmas Set

And here’s the vest on my floor, as you can see, it’s lined and nicely finished. Also, you can see the brooch from the back 😉

The Brooch

I love the brooch. Love bats, I love Jack, I love his suit and I am so happy they included his “bow tie” as a brooch with this set!

Brooch Detail – Secret Honey Nightmare Before Christmas Set

I normally wear this set with a black turtle neck. A safety pin is glued to the back of the brooch (as shown above in the vest part of this post), so you can put it on anything you want (just be aware that there might be wholes afterwards in certain fabrics ;)). The brooch is made with several pieces of wire, they also tend to get caught in whatever you put it onto, so be careful. But it is a lovely detail that completes the outfit 🙂

The Skirt

I like the cut of this skirt a lot, it has a nice volume thanks to the pleats. I also love the way, the waistband is constructed.

Skirt Front View

The skirt is also lined, of course 🙂 Here’s the waistband:

Waistband Detail Skirt of my Secret Honey Nightmare Before Christmas Set

Note the symmetry again. Also the front part of the waistband is part of the skirt, flowing directly into the front pleats. Love that it makes the waistband an interesting detail.

Closure of the skirt, shirring in the back and skirt lining

The skirt closes with a hidden zipper on the left side as well as with a hook and eye set. There’s shirring in the back, so it will also fit up to a US M or german 38 (maybe 40). On the picture you can also see the lining of the skirt.

The Print

For the prints, I will just leave you with some pictures 😀 I guess they speak for themselves. These are all the prints around the hem of the front part of the skirt, they are repeated in the back as well. From left to right:

Print Detail 1
Print Detail 2
Print Detail 3
Print Detail 4
Print Detail 5

Thanks a lot for reading! I hope you enjoyed and I wish you a nice afternoon, evening, night, morning, whatever time it is at your place. Also, have fun getting ready for Halloween 😉 See you in my next post, bye!

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