Secret Honey Rapunzel Fairytale Onepiece

Hello everyone, welcome back to another post. Today I would like to show you this Rapunzel Fairytale Onepiece from Secret Honey. I really like the concept of this dress, the cut with the bodice is very flattering. But the colour is not for me, so this dress is up for sale, here is more information.

I showcase one of my Disney pieces every two weeks, you can check out my other posts if you like. Last time I showed you my Secret Honey Aurora Rose Dress.

If you would like to know more about the brand and about how you can get these dresses, I have got you covered in this post. I also sometimes sell dresses from my collection, check out my shop or my Instagram, I usually list them there.

The Rapunzel Fairytale Onepiece

As always, let’s have a look at the whole dress first. Here it is from the front:

Rapunzel Fairytale Onepiece Front


This dress was released in 2015 and rereleased (as far as I can tell without any differences) in 2017. I don’t know if this dress is from the original release or from the 2017 one. The original release came in two colours, white and pink while the 2017 release only came in pink. Here is the dress from the side:


The bodice is separate from the rest of the dress which is a shirt combined with a skirt. Here it is from the back:

Rapunzel Fairytale Onepiece Back


Here is a look at the dress without the bodice. It’s much more casual and gives you a more toned down Disney look which I like a lot:

Rapunzel Fairytale Onepiece without Bodice

Sizing and Closure

From what I remember, the dress fits sizes S and a small M. There is no zipper, you pull the dress over your bust to put it on. It is bigger than other Rapunzel dresses which is pretty cool. The whole backpanel is shirred at the waist.

Shirring in the waist dress


The whole neckline is also elasticated:

Elasticated neckline


And last but not least, the sleeves are also elasticated, which is super cool and not the case for all Rapunzel dresses (I really had problems with one dress that was so small that it never really fit me even when I was at my thinnest).

Elasticated sleeves


The bodice has a shirring panel in the back and since the neckline is quite low, it allows for a bigger bust:

Shirring in the back of the bodice

The Bodice

The dress comes with a separate bodice. It features a lace up detail, piping around the edges and the princess seams, adjustable straps and more. Here is a look at it:


Here is a closer look at the lace up detail. The satin band is purple just like the piping:

Lace up detail and piping Bodice


There is a striped print on the bodice and the skirt and the tendrils seem to be the same as the embroidery on Rapunzel’s original dress:

Print on the Bodice


The straps of the bodice are adjustable in lenght with three buttons and buttonholes:

Buttonholes and Button to adjust the straps in length

The Shirt Part

The bodice part of the dress is made from a lightweight shirt material. It has a beautiful pattern woven through it:

Pattern on the white fabric of the dress

The Skirt Part

The skirt is made from two different layers and features two different prints, a striped print on the skirt and a border print. Let’s have a look:

The Layers of the Skirt

The skirt is made from two layers, the top layer and a lining layer. The lining layer has a two-layer ruffle made from tulle around the hem to give the dress some volume:

Layers of the skirt of the Rapunzel Fairytale Onepiece

The Tendril Print

The skirt has the same striped tendril print as the bodice. In addition, the skirt features fine orange stripes:

Pattern on the skirt

The Border Print

Around the hem of this dress, we have a beautifully designed border print. From right to left: First up, we have Rapunzel and Flynn in the boat watching the lanterns with the castle of Corona in the background:

Print Rapunzel and Flynn on the boat watching the lanterns


Then we have the wanted poster of Flynn Ryder:

Print Wanted Poster Flynn Ryder


In the center we have Flynn and Rapunzel dancing in the kingdom:

Print Rapunzel and Flynn


Next we have Rapunzel with her frying pan in front of the tower where Flynn Ryder is about to climb to the top. Pascal is also featured:

Print Rapunzel, Pascal and Rapunzel's Tower


Last but not least we have the symbol of Corona, some hilly landscape with lots of trees as well as the sign of the Snuggly Duckling:

Print Symbol of Corona and Shield of the Snuggly Duckling


And that is already it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed having a look at all the details of this wonderful Rapunzel Fairytale Onepiece. If you’d like to have it, you can find it in my shop. Thanks a lot for reading and I’ll see you in my next post.


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