Secret Honey Anna Frozen Fever Cosplay

Happy Birthday, Anna 🙂

Hello everyone, welcome back to another post. Today is Anna’s birthday and to celebrate it, I would like to show you this Anna Frozen Fever Cosplay from Secret Honey. Anna’s Frozen Fever dress is one of my absolute favourite Frozen dresses. And I adore the quality of this cosplay, there’s embroidery, rhinestones, lace and more. I have over 30 shots of this cosplay, buckle up, this is a monster post 🙂

I showcase one of my Disney pieces every two weeks, you can check out my other posts if you like. Last time I showed you my Secret Honey Elsa Frozen Fever Dress 2015.

If you would like to know more about the brand and about how you can get these dresses, I have got you covered in this post. I also sometimes sell dresses from my collection, check out my shop or my Instagram, I usually list them there.

The Anna Frozen Fever Cosplay

I really wanted to shoot this cosplay outside, but unfortunately it still doesen’t fit me properly 🙁 The shooting will come one day though. So for now, here’s a picture of the dress on my dressform:

Anna Frozen Fever Cosplay Front


The dress itself is actually quite big for a Secret Honey dress, which is lovely. I almost fit into it 🙂 What doesen’t fit is the bodice, it only allows for a bust of 95 cm. Here is the whole ensemble from the side:

Anna Frozen Fever Cosplay Side


Also very small, the armholes of the bolero… They are a bit tight around my shoulder and arms. Here is the dress from the back:

Anna Frozen Fever Back

The Jewellery

This cosplay comes with two jewellery pieces that complete the Anna Frozen Fever Cosplay. It’s a hairpiece with a sunflower as well as a brooch with rhinestones. Let’s have a look at them in detail:

The Hairpiece

This hairpiece has a fabric sunflower at the top where you put it into the hair as well as three ribbons in light green, yellow and navy falling down from it:

Anna Frozen Fever Cosplay Hairpiece


The sunflower is very detailed, the petals are doubled to give it volume and the seeds are textured:

Sunflower Detail Hairpiece


The hairpiece gets put into the hair using a comb that is attached to the back of it:

Back Sunflower Hairpiece with comb

The Brooch

I will amaze you with my knowledge of gems now… I had to google 😛 The brooch has a pattern with leaves and is decorated with little emeralds and a big tourmaline (?).

Golden Brooch with Ruby and emeralds Anna Frozen Fever Cosplay


Here is a closer look where you can see the detail work on the leaves:

Close Up Golden Brooch with Ruby and Emerald


The brooch can be attached with a safety pin on the back of it:

Back of the Golden Brooch with safety pin

The Bolero

The bolero is hands down my favourite part of this amazing cosplay. It is sooooooo pretty. I adore the colour, the embroidery, the rhinestones, everything… Here is the front of it:

Bolero Anna Frozen Fever Cosplay


And here is a closer look on the embroidery. There are tulips, some kind of leaves, a ribbon and many rhinestones. I also really like the trim around the edges:

Detail with Embroidery front of the Bolero


Here is the back of the bolero. Don’t worry, we will have a look at the details as well 🙂

Back of the Bolero with Sunflower and Tulip Embroidery


I looooove the embroidery on the back. We have the tulips again as well as a sunflower. The ribbon is connected to the front. Here is a closer look on the flowers:

Detail Embroidery Sunflower and Tulips with Rhinestones


And an even closer look at the sunflower’s head. It has many rhinestones and the embroidery is so interesting:

Detail Sunflower Embroidery with Rhinestones


My favourite detail are the bumblebees at the top. They are soooo cute. Just look at them:

Detail Embroidery on Bolero: Bumblebees

The Bodice

Here is a look at the dress with the bodice but without the bolero:

Anna Frozen Fever Cosplay Dress and Bodice


The bodice is made from a beautiful shiny satin in navy, has sage green bias binding around the edges and a beautiful piece of embroidery in the center front. There are loops to attach transparent straps but my bodice came without them. I just take a pair from another cosplay when I wear it 🙂 There is boning in the center front.

Blue Satin Bodice with Embroidery and green Bias Binding Anna Frozen Fever Cosplay


Here is a closer look at the embroidery:

Detail Embroidery on Bodice

Sizing and Closure

There is shirring and a lace up detail in the back. The bodice closes with a side zipper. The bust is not that roomy, only 95 cm, which is kind of small compared to the dress, that fits a 98 cm bust.

Detail Bodice Back with Lace Up Detail and Shirring

The Dress

The dress is absolutely gorgeous. From the shirt to the skirt, so well thought out, so detailed, so amazing…

Anna Frozen Fever Cosplay Dress


Let’s look at the different parts in some more detail:

Sizing and Closure

The dress is soooo decently sized for Secret Honey. Fitting a waist of 78cm and a bust of 98. It closes with a hidden zipper in the center back:

Closure in the center back of the Anna Frozen Fever Cosplay


There are shirring panels on both sides in the back:

Shirring in the center back of the dress of the Anna Frozen Fever Cosplay

The Shirt

The shirt is made from a wonderfully soft fabric and it’s actually made from two layers of fabric. It is not see-through at all which is great. Silver and golden embroidery decorates the shirt:

Shirt with gold and silver embroidery Anna Frozen Fever Cosplay


Here is a closer look at the embroidery pattern in the centre front of the shirt:

Detail gold and silver Embroidery Center Front of the Shirt


The sleeves are also embroidered around the cuffs:

Detail gold and silver embroidery on sleeves


Contrary to the casual blouse, this one isn’s scratchy at all. It is very comfy to wear. Here is a closer look at the embroidery pattern on the sleeves:

Close Up gold and silver embroidery sleeves of the shirt


The collar is also embroidered and also not scratchy at all (as you can see, the collar is lined, just like the rest of the blouse part. There is also some trim sewed to it at the bottom:

Detail trim and golden and silver embroidery collar of the shirt

The Skirt

The skirt is super fluffy because it is made from several layers. We have the fashion fabric that is pleated at the top, a tulle layer and a lining layer:

Layers of the skirt: - Fashion layer with embroidery - Tulle layer for stability - Lining layer


On both sides at the top of the skirt, we have embroidered leaves. The colour of the thread is almost the same as the colour of the fabric, they are very subtle:

Detail skirt embroidered leaves


Then we have the star of the dress, the sunflower embroidery around the hem. The stems and leaves are embroidered with different lines that form the leaves etc. The seeds of the sunflower are done by using a circular piece of brown fabric and adding embroidery for texture. We also have a ribbon over the sunflowers that goes around the whole skirt and is decorated with rhinestones. It repeats the ribbon on the bolero.

Sunflower embroidery with rhinestones and ribbon around the hem of the skirt


Here is a closer look at the head of the sunflower:

Detail Sunflower embroidery on the skirt


Around the bottom of the hem, we have navy bias binding. Above it, there are tulips again as well as some other plants and some dots.

Embroidery Detail around the hem of the skirt with tulips and rhinestones


And, not only on the bolero but on the skirt as well, we have bumblebees <3

Emboidery detail: Bumblebees with rhinestone and ribbon on skirt


And that you guys are all the details that I wanted to show you of this amazing Secret Honey Anna Frozen Fever Cosplay. It is one of my absolute favourites and I hope you enjoyed having a look at it together with me. I thank you a lot for reading and I’ll see you in my next post. Have a good one!


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