Secret Honey Ariel Maxidress

Hello everyone, welcome back to another post. Today, I would like to show you this Ariel I will Sing maxidress from Secret Honey. This is my favourite Ariel dress. I love maxidresses, I love the cut, there is enough space for a bigger chest etc. It’s just perfect.

I showcase one of my Disney pieces every two weeks, you can check out my other posts if you like. Last time I showed you my Secret Honey Anna Frozen Fever Cosplay.

If you would like to know more about the brand and about how you can get these dresses, I have got you covered in this post. I also sometimes sell dresses from my collection, check out my shop or my Instagram, I usually list them there.

The Ariel Maxidress

This time, I actually have a recent photo of me wearing the dress, although it is a bad mirror selfie… This is me sitting at 76 kilos (which is still 15 kilos more than my old weight, but I also lost 10 kilos already :)). My measurements are: 100cm around my chest and 80 beneath my chest. And the dress fits. Here it is:

Me wearing the Ariel I will Sing dress


Of course, I also have photos on my dressform. Here is the dress from the front:

Ariel I will Sing Dress Front


And here it is from the back:

Ariel I will Sing Dress Back

Size and Shirring

I already talked a bit about the size, so let me just summarize: this is one of the bigger Secret Honey dresses and it still looks flattering on a “bigger” body. I know, it is still not size inclusive… But this type of dress is the best Size M or small L girlies get from Secret Honey.

The dress has no zipper, but it has shirring around the neckline, sleeves as well as in the back of the high waist:

Detail Shirring around Waist and Neckline

The Pleated and Decorated Bodice

The bodice is really pretty, I love the cut it is so flattering on both, a bigger and a smaller chest, you will see why in a minute.

Here is a detail shot of the bodice. As you can see, the fabric is pleated in mini pleats. This gives the bodice a lot of volume, making it nice on smaller chested girls. But it also looks good with a bigger chest in my opinion, at least, I like it on me.

Then there’s the two layer ruffle around the neckline that is super cute. And of course, we have the pearls down the centre of the bodice:

Detail Bodice Pleats with Peartls

The Sleeves

The sleeves are super pretty. They are classic flutter sleeves, they are elasticated and they are made from two layers of fabric, the blue chiffon and a dotted tulle layer that isn’t scratchy at all:

Detail Sleeves

The Border Print

This is one of the older Secret Honey dresses from 2016, so it has a pretty border print. I had to google the names of Ariel’s sisters, shame on me, I know… I knew the names from that song in the beginning of the movbie, but I didn’t know who is who…

In the centre of the print, we have Ariel, Flounder, Triton and Atlantis:

Print: Ariel, Triton, Flounder in front of Atlantica


And on both sides, we have Ariels sisters. I’m still not sure if I got the names right, they were slightley different in German. First up (in no particular order), we have Aquata:



The next sister is Andrina:

Print: Andrina


Next up we have Attina:

Print: Attina


Then we have Alana

Print: Alana


Next is Adella:

Print: Adella


And last but not least we have Arista:

Print: Arista


And that is already it for today’s post. I hope you liked the Ariel maxidress and having a look at it in some more detail. Thanks a lot for reading and I see you in my next post.


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